Vin Diesel Talks About Singapore car prices

Vin Diesel car in movie fast and furious

Vin Diesel´s car that he drove in “Fast and Furious”

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Vin Diesel  was surprised at the high tax put on cars in Singapore.

If you ever feel cars are getting too expensive, consider yourself lucky you don’t live in Singapore.

This city-state, an island located on the tip of mainland Malaysia, is smaller than most cities, but one of the most prosperous nations in the world.

Due to its small size, traffic is a big problem — so the government levies huge taxes on cars to discourage their use. This is why a Toyota Prius costs $154,000 on the island country, over six times its cost in the U.S.Vin Diesel interview fast and furious

Interviewed by Singaporean TV program RazorTV (via Car Throttle), “Fast & Furious” series star Vin Diesel is less than impressed with the price of the well-known gas-sipper.

Vin Diesel cars in movie fast and furious

We suspect hybrids aren’t Diesel’s typical vehicle of choice (there’s a joke in there somewhere), but the situation is no better for other cars either, whether economy vehicles are the latest and greatest supercar.

Whether green or very much not green, Singapore’s car prices are vastly inflated by the country’s taxes.

Realistically, given the island’s size, not being able to afford a car is probably not much of a problem anyway. If you live and work in Singapore, getting around is simply a case of using the country’s efficient public transit systems, or one of its ubiquitous taxis.

Pricing cars (even the humble Toyota Prius) out of the reach of mere mortals is certainly one way of reducing pollution and congestion. We bet used-car prices remain pretty high, too.

Check out the video below to watch the reactions of some of the other “Fast & Furious 6″ stars to Singapore car pricing, such as the BMW 6 Series…

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